erik levander
page updated: 230303
230303: wow, it's been almost two years since my last update here, and i just noticed this website has been up for 20 years now. still sticking to the original design. the reason for this update is that my new album 'kvad' is beeing released on cd and digital today! this album also kind of began its life way back in 2001, another reason for getting a little nostalgic here. later, in 2019 i was going through my archives of old recordings and found an old recording from 2001 - where a choir rehearsing in the 'lunds domkyrka' cathedral. the sparse harmonies and the reverberated atmoshere enchanted me and i started playing with this recording, processing it with software and stomp boxes, and making a composition around that. this became the first track of the new album, and also set its direction. the album found a home at the lovely little lable supple 9.
210423: hello world! i am excited to announce the release of my new album 'jökel' coming out on the italian label glacial movements today. as you might have guessed it is a glacier themed album, mainly inspired by my 2009 visit to mýrdalsjökull in iceland. with a growing worry that not enough is being done to prevent the rapid climate change i wanted to shed light on the dying glaciers, and this is how i imagine what it might sound like if you made recordings of the ice/snow/water of mýrdalsjökull. the album was composed during the grey berlin winter 2018-2019 and is adorned by a photograph of jan erik waider. please have a listen at your favourite streaming service and spread the word if you like what you hear. the album also comes in cd format if you prefer.
200419: a huge compilation of ten second tracks to be enjoyed in random order is out now! all proceeds donated to climate charity cool earth. an initiative by attn:magazine.
191031: i am happy to announce that i have a new album called 'inåt' out today. it is my 6ths proper solo full length album, far more synth heavy then the last one, and possibly with some louder pieces as well. this time the release is on the splendid label forwind. for everyone into physical formats there’s a limited cd digipak edition available, but there is also an unlimited digital edition all over the place for the high tech generation. cover photographs by katharina ira allenberg. see and hear more on bandcamp or on the forwind website.
190927: today i did some website householding. i removed some outdated links which i havent done since the release of this website back in 2003. i added free translations to the discography, and removed the fan art section. still sticking to the original website design from 2003 though.
180818: i finally set up a bandcamp site where you can listen to and buy some of my releases.
180611: fresh comp from katuktu collective, packed with retro-shoegaze-indiesyth-folkpop, out today! magic hyper link here miss out or don't!
180309: again i'm very happy that the very limited release "couesnon" got so many well written positive reviews: merchants of air, attn:magazine, echoes and dust, noise not music, cyclic defrost, vital weekly 1118, stationary travels, infotmation (danish).
180126: i am very happy to announce that my new album "couesnon" is out now on american label katuktu collective. this album is a clarinet based, slow moving ambient affair. released as limited cassette run and unlimited digital run.
161102: a few reviews from my last releases have appeared. "halv" was featured in the wire 393, united cassettes, nooga and vital weekly 1042. "mimesis/utveckling" was featured on radio on and vital weekly 1044.
161002: an all clarinet track is released today on the compilation texture series - volume one by 1631 recordings.
160824: i will select some music for an hour at the lake radio tonight at 20:00 cet. afterwards the show will be available at soundcloud.
160807: today i'll be on the lake radio transmitting live from by the lake festival at 16:50. new music will be presented.
160701: releases come close these days. out now is another tape made available to the universe by swedish label kosmisk väg. this album was recorded in 2010. it consists mainly of field recordings and apart from the last part of side b everything was done live using tapes, radios and guitar effects.
160630: check out the video for antropocen by patrick mchugh.
160613: today my third full length album was released on russian label full of nothing. the album is called "halv" and has been in the drawer for more then a year now. it's a rather diverse affair with both more beats and aggression than the last releases. formats are digital and compact casette. easiest way to get hold of a copy is straight from bandcamp. i hope you enjoy the music.
151025: i uploaded four old music videos to youtube and vimeo. olönsam, avedøre, gryningsdager and sekund. enjoy.
110806: to celebrate the release of berlin tape run 2 there will be related concerts at berlin staalplaat store each saturday of august. i'll play tonight.
100913: i have re-recorded my live analouge tape/radio set from 100206 at home. this piece will hopefully come out on casette at tape label kosmisk väg.
100825: will play a concert with "am eternal" on saturday in malmö, sweden. our last show was some four years ago at the now demolished zentrale randlage, berlin. seven new flee market bargain radios will add up to about twenty radios, along with various every day electronic equipment to modulate the sound, we promise true pimping of malmöfestivalen.
100203: three concerts on saturday in malmö, sweden, for launching the release of öh! wave compilation, released by rev/vega rec.
090710: i searched the world wide web for videoclips of myself and post two results here. first one is from cross poetry night arranged by neue poeten, at wabe in berlin. poems by marcus mulholland read by actor christoph with live music by me and sound reactive visuals by christopher warnow . second one is a glimpse of >michael sontags fashion show at berlin fashionweek 2010 where i did the music. the soundquality is rather poor, and even worse at this video. songs where beatish spinoffs of "tribut" and "hitta hem".
081021: performing with video artist iris piers at kasseler docfestmin november. about two months ago i moved back to berlin to work for thismedia.
080709: roskilde festival was great. the concert also turned out well. for all you who wanted to buy a record after the concert, the bag with cds was later found. someone removed it from stage and brought it safely to the lounge office. sorry about this flaw. kondens can however still be ordered from dotshop among others. next concert up is in århus at elektronisk jazzjuice. and yes, i'm an architect now.
080214: the new album kondens will be released as cd march 17. the album is already available to buy in mp3 format at various internet shops like itunes, emusic and klicktrack, and can be ordered as harware from dotshop among others. release concert at lab in copenhagen march 10. see you there.
0701012: the new album kondens was mastered at the lovely calyx mastering by bo, hans and konrad the cat. the artwork is done as well, so now i'm just waiting for the release. can't be too long now. spending my time working at sauerbruch hutton in berlin. a very nice office.
070701: working hard to get the album finished. almost there. will also do an improvisation concert with casper clausen and mads brauer from efterklang at the roskilde festival. the music will be poured out in a sea, only hearable under water...
070114: the new album will be called "kondens". and even though my studies in architecture are stealing unhealthily amounts of time from the musicmaking. i've decided that 7 out of 10 songs are finished. it's been alot of reworking, but it was actually fun. the money we got from the fund-raising will be put into artwork (hot digipack) and mastering (profi). thank you so much again.
070107: just finnished a guitary soundtrack for a danish/swedish short film called "goodbye bluebird" directed by lisa aschan. premiere in sweden 28 jan, and denmark 2 march.
061025: bad news. really bad news. the lab we send the broken harddrive has examined it in their "clean lab" and have concluded that not a single data can be recovered. apparently some of the magnet coating has been scraped off by a damaged reader and this has made it impossible to subtract any data from the disc. nothing, nada, nix, njet. shit. however the lab will charge us only 10% of the 1200 euros, while no data could be saved. this means you can decide whether you want your money back or let us spend it on mastering and artwork. since my harddrive broke i've been searching my hiding places for old mixdowns. some things are totally lost, some can be reconstructed, and some new things stuff had to be done anyway. there will be an album no matter what. and you will get it. if you're a donator, you've been informed about it in an email. peace.
060922: the fund-raising has reached 1075 euros. thank you all very much. i can't tell how grateful i am. we've decided to send the hard drive to the recovery lab. keeping the fingers crossed...
060806: i'm back in copenhagen. the fund-raising has reached 760 euros. thank you all so much, we're almost there.
060716: harddrive recovery fund-raising. a couple of months ago my external harddrive containing all work for my latest album crashed. i have had two firms trying out recovery, but while it's a physical head crash the rescue is about 1200 euros. i don't have the money, nor does my label rumraket. for that reason rumraket started a fund-raising. by donating more than 14 euros you will be blessed with a signed version of the new album. but all donations no matter how small or big are very welcome. after one month we have reached about twenty percent of the needed amount, so we hope that this works out. you can read more here.
060428: proceeding my architecture studies at tu berlin.
060303: the fan art section is updated. please keep sending me your sweet personal tributes!
060105: a track from 2002 called "produktion" is now out on an exclusive compilation from rev/vega rec. analogue lofi looping under the alias EL.
050913: have moved to berlin to work at an architect office called realities:united for six months. album release on danish label rumraket planned for winter 2006.
050621: the homepage is up again, after being down for some weeks. during that i finished my bachelor in architecture and did two interviews for swedish magazines. at the moment i'm making soft singer/songwriter-stuff, wild punk, and weird max/msp-patches, while trying to figure out where my money's gone?
050225: working on new material for danish label kontur. release planned for summer 2005, if that ever happens? also a few concerts in copenhagen/malmö area coming up this spring. the largest one will be at roskilde festival's event called spring break, taking place at vega in copenhagen.
041120: the tonad album can now be ordered from neon by emailing
040826: i just got the wonderful news that i will perform during the nordic music days at lille vega in copenhagen. other concerts the same night by markus popp (oval, so), thomas knak (opiate), jakob riis and rune søchting.
040823: added four short music clips from the tonad album to the discography section.
040725: i will join fria konstellationen for two concerts in the linköping area the two forth comming weeks. will also go to experience keiji haino's first apperance in sweden. yum!
040703: like always, plans have been changing. the danish label kontur will hopefully release some of my fresh material, while my good old album will be released at neon records in september or something...
040410: my brilliant friend bauri has done a remix of an old track of mine. this was recently released by the internet label racewillbegin.
040408: i will participate in a workshop called xprimnt at neon in brösarp. for two days eight different musicians will improvise together with directions from jacob kirkegaard. this will end up with a concert and hopefully some kind of release of the recorded material.
040302: i will be joining a new danish label called kontur, founded by electronica artists jakob goetz (txture), jonas olesen and rune søchting. the album i haved worked on the past two years is finished and will be split up in two eps and released by kontur. the first cd will hopefully come out in may. a related concert in copenhagen is also planned.
031008: swedish indie label rev/vega will release a 7" containing two soft guitar based electronica tracks composed in 2001. no dates known yet.
030920: website lauched. hardcore html with notepad. welcome.